Frequently Asked Questions

Time Capsule


How do I join your club?

Visit our membership page for all the details.


What safety equipment do I need?

Shooters and non-shooters are required to wear eye and ear protection.

Eye & Ear Protection Is A Must


Do I need to make a reservation?

No, if you are a member "in good standing" you may use the range whenever your wish (daylight hours). Just be courteous to other members using the range and if multiple people are present, one must assume the role of RSO (Range Safety Officer).


Can I shoot by myself at the range?

Yes, if only one member is there you act as your own RSO.


Can anyone shoot at your range facilities? I just need to sight in my rifle, ok?

No, the club is for the use of our members. You must be a member to shoot firearms (see below for guest exception) at our facilities including sighting in firearms for the hunting season. The only exceptions are public events/shoots held by the club or a guest (see below).


I am a member. Am I allowed to bring a guest?

Yes, you may bring a guest with you. However, if they wish to continue using the range, they are to be encouraged to join our club. However, having that "guest" sight in their rifle instead of buying a membership is not permitted.


Why is there a cement circle on the hill behind your firing line?

(see photo at top of this page)

To mark our 20th anniversary, we organized the Elliston Time Capsule project. It is buried deep under a thick cement circle and marked with a granite stone. The capsule contains hundreds of local photographs and letters to be opened in 2122.


Can I shoot after having consuming alcohol or doing drugs?

No, if you are under the influence of alcohol or drugs.


What is the minimum age for shooting?

We have no minimum age, but you must be capable of handling a firearm safely. Minors and/or Junior members must be accompanied. We do reserve the right to refuse any person if they, in our opinion, are not capable of being safe.


Can I purchase additional ammunition on site?

No, we don't sell ammunition or firearms.


Can I store firearms at your range?

We do not have storage facilities.


What are your hours?

We are open during daylight hours year-round. Please note snow is not cleared during the winter.


Can I take pictures?

Yes, take all the pictures and video you want.


Do you have washrooms or an outhouse on site?

No, we do not.


Why do you have a First World War trench?

This replica was constructed to pay tribute to those Newfoundlanders and Labradorians that fought with the Royal Newfoundland Regiment during WWI, especially those from our region. It has been used for Great War interpretation on several occasions and even Parks Canada filmed at it. This above ground trench is also a fully functional rifle range.

Parks Canada Filming in 2015 - Part 1



Parks Canada Filming in 2015 - Part 2



Parks Canada Filming in 2015 - Part 3



Parks Canada Filming in 2015 - Part 4


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