Range Safety Regulations

Eye & Ear Protection Is A Must


1.01 Words used in the singular in these rules shall include the plural, and the words in the plural shall include the singular.
1.02 Words implying the masculine gender in these rules shall also include the feminine.
1.03 In these rules
  • (A) ‘may' is to be considered as being permissive;
  • (B) ‘should' is to be construed as being desirable; and
  • (C) ‘must', ‘shall' and ‘will' are to be construed as being mandatory.

1.04 It is the responsibility of all shooters using the range facilities to familiarize themselves with these rules. Ignorance will not be accepted as an excuse for noncompliance.


2.01 In these rules, unless the context otherwise stated:
(A) ‘Club' means the Discovery Shooting Club
(B) ‘Member' means a person who has been accepted as a member of the Discovery Shooting Club, and has paid the prescribed annual membership fee.
(C) ‘Firearm' means any device which is designed to launch a projectile in a given direction.
(D) ‘Firing line' means the position from which all shooting is to take place.
(E) ‘Target' means any object which is designed and intended to be hit by a projectile (subject to the Range Operating instructions).
(F) ‘Muzzle' means the end of the barrel from which the projectile emerges during firing.
(G) ‘Action' means that part of a firearm which controls the loading and firing of a cartridge.
(H) ‘RSO' means Range Safety Officer.
(I) ‘Misfire' means a cartridge which fails to fire when the primer is struck by the firing pin.
(J) ‘Range' refers to all ranges located on the Club's property, specifically the Discovery Sporting Range.


3.01 Every firearm, at all times, shall be treated as if it were loaded.
3.02 A firearm, loaded or unloaded, is never to be pointed at another person.
3.03 A loaded firearm must never be left unattended and an unloaded firearm may only be left if stored according to safe storage regulations.
3.04 When the range is in use, a red flag must be raised. The flag is to be raised before any firearm is brought to the firing line and is to be lowered when all firearms have been removed from the line.
3.05 After the red flag has been raised the next order of business is to appoint a Range Safety Officer, who will be responsible for overseeing all shooting related activities.
3.06 Loaded firearms are not permitted anywhere except on the firing line and then only when in use.
3.07 Firearms will always be pointed in a safe direction; when on the firing line, this direction is down range toward the backstop.
3.08 The consumption of alcoholic beverages is prohibited. The RSO shall not permit any individual who appears to be intoxicated or otherwise impaired to handle a firearm.
3.09 Horseplay is forbidden on, near or forward of the firing line.
3.10 All individuals on or near the range shall have proper hearing and eye protection on when shooting is under way.
3.11 It is the responsibility of every individual using the range to follow the rules and regulations governing the operation of the range. The appointment of a RSO does not relieve an individual of his responsibilities.
3.12 If a misfire occurs the shooter will keep the muzzle pointed down range and wait 60 seconds before unloading the firearm.
3.13 In the event the RSO requires shooting to stop, the order "CEASE FIRE" will be given. On this command all shooting will immediately stop, firearms are to be unloaded and laid down with the muzzles pointing down range. Shooters will step back from the firing line and there shall be no handling of firearms. Further direction will be provided by the RSO.


4.01 No shooting will take place without the designation and presence of a RSO.
4.02 No one will move forward of the firing line to examine or replace targets until:
  • (A) all firearms have been unloaded and made safe,
  • (B) all firearms have been inspected and cleared by the RSO
  • (C) the RSO has given the "ALL CLEAR" command.
4.03 No one will handle any firearm while people are down range. Firearms may only be handled when the RSO gives permission.
4.04 An individual will not participate in shooting while he holds the position of RSO during organized, sanctioned events.
4.05 The RSO's orders and instructions are to be obeyed at all times, any individual who is considered to be a safety hazard will not be permitted to use the range.
4.06 The RSO has the right to expel anyone from the range who disturbs others or affects safety.


5.01 Paper targets or other soft targets (i.e., balloons) shall be attached to target frames to be located down range.
5.02 Other targets may be suitable but their use will have to be authorized by the President of the Discovery Shooting Club & Sporting Range.
5.03 The use of glass bottles or other non-traditional targets is prohibited, as their use poses a safety hazard for other shooters.
5.04 It is absolutely forbidden to fire at targets lying on the ground or any hard objects such as rocks that may cause ricochets.
5.05 It is also absolutely forbidden to fire diagonally across the range. All shots must be parallel to the center line of the range and discharged in such a way as to impact the backstop.


6.01 In the even of an accident affecting persons and/or property, the RSO shall take any action deemed necessary at that time. Such action shall include the following:
  1. In the case of injury to an individual, apply first aid and if necessary seek medical attention,
  2. notify Discovery Shooting Club Inc.,
  3. notify the police, if necessary.


7.01 The range may be used by any current member of the Club in good standing, subject to 7.02, during the time frame of dawn to dusk.
7.02 The use of the range by Club members may be restricted when shooting operations have been temporarily suspended or the range has been booked by other organizations.
7.03 It is illegal for non members to shoot on any of the Club's ranges except as the guest of a member in good standing and then only under his immediate and direct supervision.
7.04 Children may only use the range under the direct supervision of a parent, guardian or other designated responsible adult. This applies to all who have not reached the age of majority unless they are 16 and possess a Minors Firearm Possession Licence.
7.05 All sanctioned, organized shoots must have the following:
  1. A designated emergency vehicle with keys readily accessible.
  2. A first aid kit.
  3. A log book for participants to sign in before shooting.


8.01 Users will be responsible for the cleaning of the range upon conclusion of firing. All portable target stands are to be removed and garbage is to be disposed of in an acceptable fashion.
8.02 Individuals misusing or being reckless with firearms will be subject to disciplinary action.


9.01 Members are encouraged to bring guests, however in fairness to paying members guests should be encouraged to join after their second visit.
9.02 Shooters are encouraged to practice range courtesy:
  1. Shoot only at your own target.
  2. If your firearm is particularly smoky, stand down wind.
  3. Do not take up all the shooting positions with your gear.
  4. If you are using a semi auto firearm position yourself so your ejected brass does not hit another shooter.
  5. If haul it in haul it out! Take your garbage with you and keep the range clean.


BE ALERT! Be conscious of your activities and your surroundings in order to prevent accidents.


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